Balloon Flights

2016 summer has been beautiful. Take advantage of the beautiful weather here in West Michigan.

fall color flights

Looks like the weather is going to clear up. Time to check out the fall colors.staiway to heaven balloon floats past barn

Fall Colors

Colors are changing!

Colors are changing!


Fall colors are coming on fast

Wow the weather has been great! Colors are changing fast. Schedule as soon as you can.

Balloon wedding Josh & Ashley

Forecast is beautiful for balloon wedding flight this Sat PM at Lakeside Pk for Josh & Ashley.

Sunshine Balloon Rides West Michigan

Beautiful weather awaits us for the rest of the week into the weekend for our balloon rides and instruction flights.

Would you like to learn to fly a balloon? Contact us or call 616-813-7251.

Balloon rides 4th of July weekend

We have plenty of availability to go for a balloon ride here in beautiful west Michigan. The weather forecast looks fantastic.

Battle Creek Field of Flight will also be going on this weekend too.

new calendars

The new 2013 calendars are being printed at this time. Contact us if you would like one.

Great Weather for Balloon Rides all this Week

The weather looks beautiful for balloon rides all this week.   Contact us for balloon ride information while the weather is nice.

Tommy’s Balloon Truck Tailgate

Some of our balloons.

Tommy's Balloon Truck Tailgate

There are no upcoming events.

Just a note to say thanks for your terrific help in making festival '87 the best ever.  I am consistently impressed with your professionalism and your willingness to please.

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