Cold Air

Could you ignore the sight of a huge, bright, multi-colored balloon attached to your store? These balloons are not full of hot air, but rather, cold air. They are extremely effective and very dynamic.

Sky American has always been the quality leader, with innovative designs and skillful placement of rooftop or ground balloons. We know what it takes to get results from special internal lighting systems to custom designed balloons.

Rooftop – We skillfully anchor the balloon to your rooftop, letting it tower at your location or event to attract attention and give you exposure!

Ground – Strategically placed ground promotions work just as well as rooftop displays. We’ll help you pick the right balloon and the best location to communicate your message.

Night Displays – Our specially designed internal lighting system can make a balloon display visible for miles! We’ll help you achieve maximum visibility and spectacular results!

Suggested uses include:

Grand Openings   Anniversary Sales
Product/Service Introductions   Parades & Events
Sales Promotions

So, the next time you need to communicate your message, find out why so many companies, advertisers and promoters demand the dependable professionals from Sky American, Inc.

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Just wanted to say thanks again. You were one of the kindest businessmen I've had the pleasure of dealing with.

Joshua Shump