Special Shapes

Special shape inflatables are proven attention getters that leave lasting impressions. People are always having their pictures taken with our special shapes. Why not use one of Sky American’s in-stock special shapes, or have us design and develop your inflatable, so you can go home in those pictures forever! Let inflation increase your sales.
Special Shapes (in stock)
King Kong – A great attention getter.
Santa Claus – This fascinating, rosy cheeked, jolly St. Nick will bring crowds to your location, increase walk-in traffic, and truly get your sales rolling. He can be used inside or out, rooftop or ground, and has been a big hit in all of the parades.
Football – Kick off your next sale.
Dinosaurs– It’s simply amazing. It’s as though it could walk over to you. Children and adults will immediately be attracted. The next time you need a sale or event promoted, go with an age old favorite. T-Rex and Dino available.

Toy Soldier– Get real attention when he stands at attention.

Space Shuttle– A replica of the NASA Space Shuttles. This inflatable has seen a wide variety of uses. All of us have been influenced by the space program.

Snowman– Let Frosty take the frost off of your next sale or event.

Hot Air Display Balloons– These balloons come in 4 to 6 ft. models. They create a fantastic environment. They are great for grand openings, developing themes, sales or trade shows!


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We think the event was a success and your balloon certainly was an attraction. It served spectacularly as the centerpiece for our community event.

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